Gochix brings Japanese Fish Market to your doorsteps in NY/NJ. Gochix is a Japanese owned online grocery store and we take pride in sharing delicious recipes. We carefully select our products and specialize in fresh, high-quality, restaurant-grade products from Japan. We say “restaurant grade” because a number of our products are used at 5 star restaurants.

Many of our highly recommended sea products are caught in Japan and processed in "super freeze technology;" products are frozen at ultra low temperature and directly stored onboard which allows maintaining the freshness of the product as much as possible. Our lineup also includes authentic artisan crafted Japanese seasonings, but upgraded with modern technology, such as miso, soy sauce, sesame oil, and more ingredients, as well as delicious rice and noodles.

The seasonings will bring harmony with our fresh products, which we carefully select only to bring the best, delicious, trustworthy dishes to your home. It is one of our missions to share the wonderful products and endless effort made by Japanese skilled artisan to the overseas. We are not limited to fully organic, but we strive to share mostly Non-GMO, No-MSG, organic, less-additive products, and frozen meals online.

Our mission is to bring smiles and satisfaction to you. We want to make grocery shopping less stressful for everyone, and we hope to be a part of the community’s essential.

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