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Cold Green Tea Soba for Summer

Cold Green Tea Soba for Summer
Summer is coming up! I made this delicious cold soba dish in 20min! So quick and easy, but very satisfying for hot days.



- 250g Uncooked Green Tea Soba Noodle, half portion of the bag

- 4 Frozen Shrimp Tempura

- 1 Cup Sticky Yum (Yamaimo), Graded 

- 1 Cup of Soba Noodle Dipping Soup 

- 1 bunch Green Onion, thinly chopped 

- 1 tsp Chopped Wasabi 

- 6 Cups Water 

- Sprinkle of Dried seaweed (Nori) or Sesame on top 



- Heat 6 Cups of water to boil in a pot

- Bake Frozen Shrimp in a conventional oven, 400F (220) for 10 minutes till around gets crispy 

- Grade Sticky Yum, Chop Green Onion 

- Place Green Tea Soba Noodle in boiling water, Set timer for 6 minutes, Stir occasionally

 - Drain all the hot water and rinse the noodle in cold water

 - Place noodle in a plate and poor Soba Dipping Soup in a Cup or on top of Soba


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